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There is no more significant preventive than the risk of somebody having their image identified at the scene of a crime. Captured video from surveillance security cameras helps the authorities match an individual to a place at a specific date and time.


The volume of loss can be greatly diminished by the correct installation of security cameras and surveillance systems. In addition, monitored security cameras can be utilized to supervise the actions of customers and also employees, which significantly increases productivity.


Keep your eyes on your business 24:7!

Utilizing Security Cameras for Ultimate Protection

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SafeTech Security carries a full line of digital video recorder systems and security cameras.


Screen your company or facilities successfully with DVR based recording systems and surveillance cameras created for this dedicated purpose. We security cameras that function over your wireless network as well as interior or exterior, day or night time (IR) and even vandal-proof cameras.


There are even protection systems accessible that enable remote viewing of your company from anywhere via the Internet.


Find out more information about our full line of systems when you call a security systems specialist today at (416) 229-9902 in the GTA or toll free at 1-888-939-3733 outside Toronto/GTA.


Types of Security Cameras and Uses

Surveillance security video cameras are an excellent way to supervise your residence or business, guard your land and stop theft as well as damage or vandalism. Every surveillance camera system records what occurs on your property. There are countless types of security cameras and surveillance systems that can be utilized in a wide variety of different situations and configurations.


Here are a few examples:


Wired Security Cameras -vs- Wireless Security Cameras


Surveillance camera systems can be divided into 2 categories: wi-fi (wireless) cameras and wired camera equipment.


The primary benefit of a wi-fi camera system is that it is more convenient to install and can be moved around without much work. Nevertheless, wireless safety camera equipment can occasionally have their signals interfered with by additional machines, just as with wireless Internet hook-ups or cordless phones.


Wired surveillance video cameras are hardwired into your property or business. One benefit to wired security camera equipment is that they are generally a lot more trustworthy than wireless network camera equipment. Wired monitoring video cameras are suited for long-lasting setups, if hardwiring is feasible


When installing surveillance security camera equipment you'll must make a choice between black and white video cameras or colour video cameras. Both possibilities have their strengths and weaknesses. Black and white cameras are better at shooting in low light and also are frequently less expensive than colour cameras. Colour security cameras make it easier to differentiate specific items, different articles of clothing as well as many different products in footage.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet security surveillance cameras are extremely configurable and quite affordable. Bullet security cameras are long, thin cameras that can be placed indoors as well as outdoors too. These types of cameras are one of the most common choices of security surveillance cameras and there are many different types of bullet cameras available.


Dome Security Cameras


Dome security surveillance cameras are smaller cameras that are covered by a plastic, often black, dome. Dome cameras are mainly installed indoors on ceilings, however they can be found outdoors as well.


Their presence allows them to be viewed by potential criminals and allows them to act as a deterrent to crime. Another advantage to dome surveillance security cameras is that the plastic often makes it difficult to tell which direction the camera is pointing to. This makes them much more difficult for people to avoid.


Using Security Cameras at Night


Black and white security cameras often work much better than colour security cameras in low light conditions. Several other types of surveillance cameras work well at night or in low light situations too. If you are going to be placing cameras in rooms where there will be hardly any light, you will likely want to consider an infrared surveillance camera. These cameras are able to pick up a great deal of detail in situations where barely any light is present.

Security Camera Monitoring


Recording footage onto a DVR is excellent for situations where you would like to have a historical record of activities within a home or business. Some surveillance cameras also have the option of viewing live footage over the Internet. This allows you to view your home or office remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection. The technology involved in today’s surveillance systems and security cameras is improving rapidly and opening up new options that will help secure your home or office better than ever before.


With the cost of digital storage space in a continuously decreasing as well as storage space capability increasing, a lot of surveillance camera systems right now record onto digital video recorders (DVRs). Recording video footage onto a DVR is impressive for scenarios where you would prefer to have a historical record of activities within a house or business. Some security cameras additionally have the choice of watching live video footage over the Web. This enables you to watch your home or office from another location from anywhere with an Internet connection.


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