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Construction Security Is Important

construction security

Construction sites are a very popular target for thieves, criminals and vandals. The reason is simple, construction sites are often home to expensive equipment such as tools, building materials and vehicles, these materials are popular with thieves because they can all be sold off quickly. On top of that at night construction sites are often deserted, poorly lit and guarded by nothing more than a chain linked fence. It is incredibly easy for a potential criminal to break into a construction site damage property, spray paint walls and steal wires, metals, power tools or anything else that may be lying around. Construction sites are so popular with criminals that each year construction sites in Canada suffer millions of dollars worth of damage and theft. One of the best ways to prevent theft and damage at a construction site is to hire construction security.

Construction Security Is at Risk

It is not just the construction site alone that is at risk of losing equipment due to break-ins and theft, the construction site office is also at risk. Construction offices are most often placed in an inaccessible area which is hard to secure. These areas usually contain expensive equipment such as computers, printers, radios and any high end tools that may be stored there. If a thief can gain access to your site they can most certainly gain access to your site’s office and make away with the most valuable equipment on the premises without alerting anyone to their presence. Once a thief is in the site’s office they can make off with valuable information or blueprints that may be difficult to replace. Hiring construction security is the best defence against intruders to your construction site.

Construction Security Guards Are Offering Protection

At SafeTech’s Guard Security we offer the best hired construction security guards in the GTA and throughout Canada. We offer a variety of options for owners or managers looking to protect their site, their equipment and their livelihood with construction security. Clients can opt for a single guard who stays static stationed at the construction site throughout the night or a team that does multiple patrols of the area throughout their shift, both options provide varying degrees of construction security. Alternatively we offer hired mobile patrol guards that can include your construction site on their nightly patrols. In addition SafeTech also offers security equipment such as surveillance cameras which combined with the presence of construction security guards can add to the level of construction security. No matter what option you choose SafeTech’s guard security offers the best hired construction security imaginable. Once you contact us you can rest assured that your equipment and building materials are safe and protected.

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