Private Investigator Services

Private Investigator personnel are highly trained, skilled detectives that are hired to take investigatory law services. Sometimes, good people get into financial or legal problems and may require the service of a private investigator. SafeTech is home to Canada’s top leading  private investigator agents. Give us a call today!

Private Investigator fraud prevention

private investigator

Our private investigator personnel are trained to prevent and detect fraud in its many different forms. This is Important because we bring to justice companies or people carrying out illegal activity for financial gain. Fraud is something that happens much too often, and criminals need to be stopped. However, in the fight against fraud prevention, it is a team-effort. If you know or suspect fraudulent activity going on within a company or organization, we can help by sending in one of our private investigator personnel to investigate on your behalf. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Background-check Private Investigator

Whether you require a private investigator for personal or professional matters, our agents are trained to perform background checks on people or companies. It is important to be prudent about who we associate with. We all want to do business with good, honest people, but we cannot always be certain on who we can trust. Hiring a private investigator is the best defense against preventing fraudulent business activity because our agents are equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to thoroughly research and investigate background information on a person or business. You do not have to wait until something bad happens before you decide to take precaution. Taking the time to act soon can save you time and money.

Commercial Piracy Private Investigator

Piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of commercial software. Our private investigator agents are especially trained to fight in the war against commercial piracy. Piracy is fast becoming a real threat in our communities. Over the years, our private investigator team have been able to detect and put a stop to more fraudulent activity than anyone else in the country. Our agents are discreet, reliable and professional. Protect your investment and don’t fall victim to commercial piracy. Our agents are here to assist you in your time of need. Give us a call toll free at 1-888-939-3733 and hire a private investigator today!

Emergency Response Protocols

Emergency response bodyguards

emergency response

In the event that there is a break in, our central communications station will immediately send a team of security guards or police officers to your home or business. The team will do a full inspection of the premise and determine what actions need to be taken. For emergency response purposes, SafeTech also offers escort services, chaperone, and events security control monitoring agents.

Panic button for emergency response

We know how frightening and alarming theft and break-ins can be. We also know that they can happen instantly and at any time. That is why at SafeTech we arm our clients with an emergency response panic button in the event of an emergency. In order to keep things low-profile, we can install a silent panic alarm button that will silently send a signal to our central communications station to notify us of an emergency. In order to scare the burgler off, we can also have the emergency response alarm go off.

Two-way voice pendant and emergency response

Emergencies can sometimes happen when you are alone and there is nobody around to help you. That is why we offer our clients a two-way emergency response systems pendant that is easy to use and will work anywhere in the home. If you are having an emergency and require immediate attention, simply click, talk and listen. The emergency response pendant will automatically connect to our communications board and summon the proper authorities to your home. Our pendant is even water-resistant, so you could even take it with you in the shower and not have to worry about it getting wet. Emergency response has never been easier! Give us a call today and speak to one of our customer service representatives for more information on the many emergency response protocols offered by SafeTech.



Bodyguard Services


Bodyguard services offer a physical protections barrier against any potential threat to a client. Our customer service staff will make certain you are assigned the right bodyguard tailored to your specific needs. Our main objective is to keep you safe at all times while you are working and meeting with clients. Our Bodyguards are highly trained professionals. They are skilled in unarmed combat, tactical driving, first aid and CPR. SafeTech employs a team that will protect you from any kind of violence or kidnapping. They have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and are good observers. They also have an excellent ability to spot and recognise danger before it even happens. Our services will even inspect the place the client will be expected to be before and during arrival to maximize their safety.

Hire a Bodyguard

A Bodyguard provides a means of physical security, but they also provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that there is always somebody there to protect you. A Bodyguard acts much like a security camera; they are literally your eyes and ears. Potential offenders will not dare to intrude into a premise that is visibly monitored. But unlike a security camera, a bodyguard is able to act in the here and now!

You choose your Bodyguard

At SafeTech, we understand that different clients require different services. That is why we leave it up to you to decide what kind of bodyguard service you want us to deliver. If you would like to keep a low profile look, we can assign one or more bodyguards in regular security attire or in plain, casual clothing. However, if you want something a little more high profile, we can assign you with a few bodyguard agents dressed in police uniform. Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-939-3733 and let us choose the right bodyguard service for you!


Security Guards Go Above and Beyond

Security Guards Services

security guards

Security guards offer superior protection in a number of different situations. From commercial, office, warehouse and other business security operations to events, shows, concerts, weddings, parties and a wide variety of other public and private gatherings, you can trust security guards to offer high quality protection. Trained, experienced and knowledgeable security guards make the difference.

Whether your event, situation or location calls for high profile, uniformed security guards wearing police-style uniforms or tactical gear, or if you are looking for a more low-key security guard team wearing blazers and slacks, you'll certainly find that security guard services are an important security tool. But security guards do not just provide a strong visual deterrent. While a uniformed security guard can certainly keep criminals away from your event or property just by his or her physical presence, security guard teams also offer a wide variety of other advantages.

Security Guards Advantages

Security guards are on the ground and close to the action. They are able to use their senses, their training and the wide array of tools at their disposal to actively scout the scene for potential problems at all times. They are able to quickly monitor changing situations and react to these situations immediately. For example, if a security guard notices a suspicious individual near your event or your property or a person in a location where this individual is not supposed to be, the guard can immediately investigate the situation further. By actively responding to the potential threat, the security guards can evaluate exactly what is going on, gain as much information as possible and then react to the changing situation as it happens. Real time response and in-person action show the true power of a security guard or security guard team. They are difference makers in a wide variety of situations.

Security Guards: Assistance for Other Authorities

A security guard does not work alone. Security guards often work in teams and they utilize the advantages of their team to successfully protect people and property. Even when a security guard is stationed at an event or a location alone, he or she can quickly and easily contact the central security center to gain more information on a particular situation, to relay details to other staff members and to request resources.

Security guards can also assist other authorities such as police and fire officials in the event of an emergency situation. Trust security guards to offer the protection you need.

Security Guards Protect Business

Why Your Business Needs Security Guards Services

security guards

Businesses are constanly looking for ways to improve security. That's completely understandable when you consider the wide variety of people and assets that need to be protected in an average company. From staff and clients to merchandise, money, computer equipment, supplies, vital company information and a wide variety of other assets, there's a lot to protect in the average business. There is also a lot of people to protect your assets from. Depending on the nature of your business, you need to secure yourself against theft from visitors, customers and even your own staff, not to mention random break-ins and robberies carried out by strangers. It can be incredibly difficult and stressful to keep your business secure.

Business security guards are an excellent choice for people who are looking to protect company assets. In addition to alarm systems, surveillance cameras, bars and gates and other security technology, security guards are a vital part of a business security plan.

How Security Guards Help Protect Your Business

Security guards have the distinct advantage of being on the ground at your company. They are able to use their senses, their training and their keen instincts to fully evaluate all situations and to react quickly when necessary.  The trained security guards have a wide variety of different options available to them. The security guards can check for vulnerabilities in your security system (such as a window or gate that has been left open) and immediately take steps to resolve that problem. A business security guard can also be on the constant look out for suspicious behaviour and act accordingly. Guards can contact the central security centre for additional information via phone, email or text in order to fully understand the context of the situation and to call in additional resources if needed. Security guards can also assist other authorities should it be necessary.

Business Security Guards Services

Security guards are as flexible as you require. Whether you are interested in mobile security guards who will make their presence known in a marked vehicle, business security guards who make rounds within your company, a concierge security guard who works at the front of your office to assist and monitor visitors and clients or a stationary guard who protects a specific section of your office or store, a trained security guard can certainly help keep your business safe.

Event Security Guards should be Always With Event

Event Security Guards

event security

You can protect your next event, keep all of your guests safe and secure and prevent any uninvited attendees from entering or causing trouble by having a professional event security guards team present. Whether you are having a wedding, anniversary celebration, religious ceremony, concert, large sale, family gathering, business meeting or any other public or private event, evebt security guards are a crucial piece of the puzzle. These event security guards can make every aspect of your planning easier and keep your event running without a hitch.

When you are putting together your next event, event security guards may not be at the top of your list of priorities. It is easy to forget about your event security needs when you are attempting to make sure hundreds of small details come together all at once. However, it is incredibly important that you consider and act on all of your security needs during the event planning stages. Failure to do so can result in several potential issues ranging from minor annoyances to incredibly serious problems.

Making Event Security Guards Part of your Event Planning

One of the best ways to ensure safety and security at your next event is to make event security guards and other security services part of your event planning early in the process. This will allow you to involve your security team in all aspects of the situation. Why is this helpful? Event security guards work best when they have the most information and access possible. They can also provide expert knowledge that will help you plan your event. If you inform them of your event during the planning stages, a trained event security guard service can work with you to reduce possible security flaws and to integrate security services into all aspects of your event. 

You may not even know how event security guards can help you until you've spoken with a professional security service. For more information or to speak with a member of our team to create a custom security plan for your event, please contact us today.

Event Security Guards at your next Event

Event security guards are the smart choice for any event, regardless of the size, scale or type of event. Talented, experienced and knowledgeable event security guards will be able to work with you to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. Event security team members are trained to work in a variety of different scenarios and are adaptable enough to modify their techniques for a number of different situations.

Security Guards Has Versatile Functions

Security Guards for all Situations

security guards

A security guard service can be incredibly useful in a wide variety of different situations. Thanks to their training, knowledge and expertise, security guards are an incredibly effective and versatile addition to your security protection system. Regardless of whether you manage a condominium, run a business, hold events, escort important people around, need a static guard or whether you perform a number of other tasks, security guards can increase your protection and keep you safe from a number of different threats.

Security guards are specially trained officers who operate "on the ground" in a wide variety of different situations. Their training and their close proximity to "the action" gives them a distinct advantage over other forms of security. This makes them the perfect choice for everything from mall security to bodyguarding. A security guard is able to analyze a particular situation close up and from a variety of angles. He or she is able to fully understand what is taking place and monitor all of the different "players" involved in any situation. Security guard training gives security officers the skills and the knowledge needed to make split second decisions and respond immediately to a wide variety of different issues with skill and tact. This sort of "hands on" ability combined with an immediate response is only available with a security guard service. This is a unique benefit to security officers.

Security Guards Expertise

Security guards can keep you and your property safe in a wide variety of different ways. Regardless of your situation and your unique needs, you'll find that a trained security guard can work to keep you safe. Security guards are incredibly adaptable and can add additional security to a number of different scenarios. 

SafeTech Alarm Systems offers security guard services for the following situations:

  • Event Security Guards
  • Static Security Guards
  • Concierge Security
  • Bodyguards
  • Mall Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Private Investigators
  • Guard Dog Services
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Parking Enforcement
  • And more!

As you can see, security guards can offer additional protection in a wide variety of unique situations. Contact us directly for more information on how our security guards services can keep you safe.

Security Guards: An Important Part of your Security System

Security guards are a vital part of any home or business security system. In addition to bars and gates, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and 24-hour monitoring services, security guard services can help complete the total security package. Security guards work to complement and enhance your existing security services. They can monitor your surveillance cameras to watch out for particular issues. They can react to alarm notifications immediately. They can work with your monitoring service to respond on-site. Security guards have the knowledge and experience needed to perform a wide variety of tasks. This is what makes them a valuable part of your security system.

Security Guards for your Company

Security Guards for Business

A business security guard is an incredibly important asset that can save your company a great deal of money, improve your business' image with employees and staff and deter criminals from considering your property as a target. A security guard establishes a strong presence that impacts every aspect of your organization, from keeping your employees safe and managing loss prevention to establishing your business as professional and secure. Business security guards are a necessity for many different companies and for a wide variety of different businesses.

Loss Prevention & Security Guards

security guardsTrained security guards can actively monitor the situation in real time from the ground, where action is taking place. A security guard can keep an eye on patrons in a store and employ any number of effective tactics to monitor changing situations and people. Crimes often happen quickly. For example, someone can go from quietly browsing your store to slipping merchandise into his or her pocket almost instantly. A trained security guard knows to watch everyone inside your business carefully and to notice any suspicious actions immediately. Best of all, a security guard has the training and knowledge to immediately respond to any situation that he or she is presented with. This means that your store will be able to catch shoplifters immediately before any additional damage is done.

But security guards are not just beneficial to stores. Companies and businesses of all types, shapes and sizes can benefit from trained and experienced security guards. For example, your warehouse could use a security guard to ensure that no unauthorized personnel enter the area and your corporate office could trust security guards to act as building concierge, greeting visitors and properly restricting access to those who should not be in the building.

Mobile Security Guards Patrols

Security guards are also incredibly valuable after regular business hours. Mobile patrol security guards can perform regular check-ups on your business to ensure that there are no current security threats. These mobile patrol guards will regularly monitor your property to check for things like open windows, suspicious activity or anything else that could be a threat. If anything is spotted, the knowledgeable guard will be able to act immediately. Mobile patrol security guards also drive marked vehicles that clearly let everyone in the area know that your business is being protected. These cars act as a crime deterrent.

Security guards can also be hired to work inside your office after hours. These guards can regularly make rounds in your building to check for any possible security issues and generally keep your property safe.

Security Guard Service is Perfect for Your Needs

Security Guard Services for Everyone

security guardHiring a security guard or security guard team may seem like something that only needs to be done in a small number of very specific situations. It may seem like your event, your business or your home does not require one. You may not see any value in a security guard service. However, a security guard is an incredibly valuable part of your security system.

Just like video surveillance cameras and monitored alarm systems, security guard services have a wide variety of uses for just about every situation. Security guard teams are beneficial in a wider variety of situations than you may think. Whether you're planning an event, running a business, managing a parking facility, keeping order in a condominium, protecting a key individual or whether you're a part of in a wide variety of other scenarios, a security guard can keep the everyone involved safe and under control.

What can a Security Guard do?

Security teams and individuals are perfect for a wide variety of different situations. SafeTech Security offers event security, static guards, concierge security guard services, mobile patrols, bodyguard services, mall security guard service and more. We will work with you every step of the way to determine your unique requirements and to suggest and tailor a security guard service to your specific needs. Here are just a few situations where security guard officers are invaluable.

Event Security

Security services are important for all events, both public and private. A private event such as a wedding, anniversary celebration or other large party can benefit from a security guard team in a number of ways. Security guard officers will ensure that only invited guests enter the venue. They will also keep an eye on all valuables (such as gifts that may be left unattended during the party.) A security guard can also handle anyone who may become unruly or intoxicated. When alcohol is being server, the importance of a security guard increases.

Note that some banquet halls and other reception areas require a security guard presence for events over a certain size. There is good reason for this. Security officers keep people and property safe.

At a public event, security guard teams watch out for the safety and security of everyone involved. Security officers are able to reduce theft by being a visible deterrent as well as by properly utilizing security techniques to stop thieves. A security guard can also restrict entry during ticketed events, eject patrons who are causing trouble and generally maintain order at all times.

Concierge Security

Apartments, high rise buildings, condominiums, office towers and other large buildings typically utilize a security guard staff to maintain order and to create a safe and stable environment. These security guard officers are typically stationed at the front desk of a building. They provide access control services by only allowing residents, employees and invited guests inside. A concierge security guard is trained to manage building security while also keeping a welcoming and pleasant disposition. A concierge security officer also typically monitors building security cameras and makes rounds to ensure that there are no issues in other parts of the building

Bodyguard Services

Security officers can also provide bodyguard services. Bodyguards can act as escorts throughout buildings or throughout the city, either for a short period of time or for an extended duration. They can restrict access to individuals with their presence. They can search buildings and vehicles for possible threats. Security guard officers can perform these tasks and a wide variety of other tasks to ensure safety. Whether you are looking to protect a celebrity, a public figure, a high ranking executive or any other individual or group, a security guard team can work with you to create a custom security plan that meets your needs. We can provide a high-profile security team or a discrete security guard presence, depending on your unique situation.

Mobile Security Guard Services

A mobile security guard offers a number of advantages. Mobile patrol units drive a clearly-marked vehicle that acts as a crime deterrent at all times. This ensures that everyone is aware that there is a trained security presence on hand and this reduces crime. A mobile patrol guard can cover a larger area than can be covered on foot. This makes a mobile patrol guard more efficient for a number of scenarios. Office parks, shopping malls, factories and large campus locations are just a few place that can benefit from a mobile security guard. Mobile security guard officers reduce property crime, theft, vandalism, assault and other crimes by remaining active and covering a large area in a small amount of time. A mobile guard can enter unlit or deserted areas to conduct inspections, monitor changing situations and call for back-up as required.

Versatile Security Guard Services

As you can see, security guard officers are perfect for a wide variety of different situations and unique needs. Regardless of your situation, a security guard can certainly help keep the peace, restore order and monitor all activities in real time. Please contact SafeTech Security for additional details or to start work on a custom security plan.

Security Guards: The Many Important Uses

Security Guards & Their Uses

security guardsSecurity guards are incredibly important. There is nothing that can match the hands-on, visible and versatile presence of a solo member or a team of security guards. What are the advantages of security guards? They are on-site at all times. They use their senses to see and hear exactly what is going on at your location or your event. Their training gives them the unique ability to evaluate the current situation at hand and determine the correct course of action. Security guards are mobile, quick thinking and adaptable.

While other tools such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems are vital to security, security guards offer several distinct advantages that make them irreplaceable. There is simply no substitute for security guards.

What Security Guards Can Do

Security guards are specially-trained to deal with a wide variety of different situations. Regardless of your security needs, you can put your trust in experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable security guards and SafeTech Security. SafeTech offers trained security officers for nearly every situation you can think of. We ensure that all of our guards are prepared to handle a comprehensive array of real-world situations with tact and professionalism. In addition, we make sure that all security guards receive the most comprehensive support and training available.

One of the huge benefits of security guards is that they are able to not only analyze the current situation from the ground, but they are also trained to react immediately in the most effective way possible. On occasion this involves communicating with our security dispatch team via telephone, email or text message. Our comprehensive support system gives SafeTech security guards the ability to conduct research, request additional resources and the opportunity to further analyze a situation from any location.

Security guards have the knowledge needed to know exactly how to react to any situation almost immediately. Rather than having to wait for the authorities to arrive before an investigation can begin, security guards can immediately begin to take the necessary steps to keep your property or your event safe. For example, when mobile security guards conduct mobile patrols in specially-marked security cars, they carefully examine the site that they are visiting for any potential issues.

A security guard who arrives at a scene and finds that a ground floor window of an office building has been left open, for example, will immediately recognize this as a potential security threat. Security guards are trained to then investigate further to ensure that there is no crime and progress or that a crime has not already taken place. Once this investigation is completed, security guards will contact the appropriate emergency contact (as well as the police, if necessary) and inform him or her that a windowhas been left open and that the threat of a break-in is therefore greater than usual. The emergency contact will then decide which steps should be taken (for example, closing the window.) Had security guards not been on scene during this scenario, the window likely would have remained open all night and someone could have easily broken into the office.

Another example of how security guards provide an immediate response can been seen at almost any public event. Security guards are especially important at ticketed events where access is restricted. If, for example, a member of the public is attempting to enter an event without permission (perhaps without a ticket or without paying the required admission fee) security guards are able to react immediately to defuse the situation by escorting this individual away from the event quickly and professionally. Had the security guards not been present and had they not received the correct training that allowed them to properly handle the situation, the scenario mentioned could have gotten much worse. The patron could have become unruly, other people could have gotten involved and possibly injured or the event staff could have become distracted and therefore ignored other pressing issues. Having trained and experienced security guards on scene solves a problem such as the one outlined immediately before the situation escalates. 

Trust Security Guards

Whether you are hosting an event, wishing to protect an office or warehouse, hoping to properly manage access to an apartment or condominium or whether you are in another situation entirely that requires security, guards will help ensure that everything runs smoothly. Security guards understand exactly how to react to a number of different scenarios and they know how to make quick decisions that stop potential problems before they intensify. You can trust security guards to keep order, balance a variety of different tasks and handle any situation that is thrown at them. For more information on security guards or to schedule an appointment to discuss your security situation, please contact us today.

Security Guard: How Important They Are

Security Guard

security guard

SafeTech Security offers a wide variety of different security services in Toronto and across Canada, from alarm systems to surveillance cameras. However, none of these security tools can replace the physical presence of a uniformed security guard officer. Security guards are on the ground, actively working in an area. A security guard can use his or her senses and training to pinpoint any threats before they happen and act on them immediately. Uniformed security guards offer a high profile presence that deters criminals and lets everyone know that this particular event, function or location is protected.

Security guards on site are able to completely take in an entire situation and monitor it as it changes and develops. They are able to contact the security dispatch centre to request additional information, back-up or other resources as needed. These are services that other security technologies simply cannot perform.

A trained guard is the most flexible, effective and important security service available. Whether you require event security, building security, personal security, security bodyguards or any other security services, an onsite security guard from SafeTech Security Toronto can help.

Uniformed Security Guard Services

Our uniformed guards can wear police-style uniforms, tactical uniforms or a simple blazer and pants, depending on the situation and your preference. This adds an extra layer of security as everyone will be aware of the security guard on site. SafeTech security guards also ride in clearly-marked vehicles that are easily spotted and recognized as security vehicles. This leaves know doubte that a trained security guard is on the scene.

There is no substitute for the physical presence of a security guard.

SafeTech Security Guard Toronto & Beyond

SafeTech Security provides security guards for events, concerts, weddings, banks, building concierge roles, malls, mobile patrols and more. We even offer bodyguard services and private investigator services. We understand the importance of security and safety, regardless of the event or situation.

Uniformed security guards stand out. They make their presence known. This acts as a crime deterent, as criminals would much rather strike an unprotected event or property than a well-protected one. The presence of a security guard is also a calming influence. People attending your event or visiting your building will feel much safer and more secure when they see an uniformed security guard on site. When you combine this with a trained security guard's ability to react to a multitude of different situations, you understand exactly how important security guard protection really is.

We've been protecting people and property for more than 20 years. Please contact us for more information on our security services. We'll be more than happy to discuss your event with you and create a security plan that will keep everyone safe.

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