Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement Keeps Parking Lots Safe & Orderly

parking enforcement

If you're looking for a way to secure and enforce the rules in your parking facility, your office building's parking lot, your warehouse parking lot or any other parking location, our professional parking enforcement teams are able to help.

The parking enforcement division specializes in providing complete parking enforcement and parking security in Toronto and the GTA.

We can take care of the monitoring, securing and administration for your parking facility to ensure that each person parking on your property follows the law and any rules and regulations that you may have put in place.

The Parking Enforcement Team Can:

By using the professional parking enforcement team, both individual and companies will benefit a number of services as follows: 

Complete and file parking site inspection and parking enforcement approval paperwork

Install required signage

Manage 24 hour call-in visitor vehicle registration

Conduct foot patrols of parking lots or compounds

Toronto Parking Security Officers will enforce the Trespass to Property Act. R.S.O. 1990 and inspect for theft, vandalism, mischief, trespassing, property damage and any other criminal activity.

Our Parking Enforcement In Toronto Offers: 

  • Physical inspection of all vehicles
  • Monitoring for tenant and visitor parking passes
  • Dispensing police-issued tickets
  • Arranging towing of illegal or non-registered vehicles
  • Electronic guard tour system
  • High profile marked patrol vehicles used as deterrents and random patrols & spot checks
  • Radio dispatch for rapid alarm response or backup requirements
  • 24 hour coverage available

parking enforcement

Parking enforcement ensures the overall safety, security of the people and their vehicles with respoect to the law. Our parking enforcement officers patrol the lots and issue tickets for any parking violations. Our services offer foot and in-car patrol. We also offer public events services to ensure that all vehicles are parked orderly and lawfully; we ensure the safety of the people and will protect your vehicle against theft and vandalism. 

If you are insterested in security parking enforcement service, please contact us at SafeTech Security

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