Monitoring Services

All SafeTech Security clients are monitored by our 24 hour monitoring station. Our security system monitoring partner has 7 central stations throughout Canada and the United States, allowing SafeTech to monitor any premises located in North America. You can trust our monitoring services to keep you safe.

Providing service for nearly 25 years, our central monitoring station is a fully redundant state of the art U.L.C facility. We provide monitoring services to businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes.

The main central monitoring station is located in Greater Toronto Area, the heart of Canada's most populated region.

Other central stations are located in North Americas most populated regions: Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Arizona, Texas and Florida. This allows us to provide monitoring services across North America.

SafeTech Security can monitor your home security system or your commercial security system. Trust our monitoring services to keep you safe from theft, vandalism and a number of other crimes.

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Interactive Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring Services give central station operators the ability to utilize real time visual and audio communication with the premises they are protecting. Monitoring station operators can remotely assist and respond to authorities while they investigate.

Remote Video Monitoring can:

  • Deter criminal activity & create security awareness with customized voice response.
  • Maintain contact until help arrives
  • Provide assistance for ABMs, kiosks and gates
  • Provide virtual guard tours
  • Remotely audit
  • Provide compliance and activity reporting
  • Eliminate response to non-emergency events
  • Video Verification provides an eye witness, real-time account and obtains the highest priority police response as responding authorities are notified of a “visually verified” situation.

Video Verified Response with Monitoring Services


A large percentage of alarm signals are ultimately deemed to be false alarms. Police associations across Canada are very vocal about the burden false alarms place on their limited resources. Users of security systems are subject to rising fines for frequent or repeated false alarm activity. Excessive false alarms can even prevent the authorities from responding at all, leaving your business unsecured. Furthermore, many jurisdictions have implemented requirements for proof of security breaches (beyond the receipt of an alarm signal) prior to dispatching authorities. False alarms can also be an annoyance to your employees who must respond and investigate.


Video verification services solve this problem. These services are available through our monitoring centres across Canada. When our operators receive an alarm signal from a video verification subscriber, they can immediately access recorded and live video to evaluate what is really happening at the affected location. Police are only contacted when the alarm activity has been determined to be a real security event. As a verified alarm, authorities will typically assign higher priority to the associated dispatch. Response is based on your pre-determined instructions.


Emergency Monitoring Response

When an alarm signal is received and verified by our alarm monitoring center, the proper authorities are dispatched to your premises right away.

In the case of a fire alarm, the fire department is notified. Should a break-in be detected, you may have either your local police department respond or a private guard company respond. Depending in what region you live in, police often have a registration fee and a false alarm charge. You may contact your local police or SafeTech Security for the rates in your area.

For a low monthly fee, you may choose to be registered with a private guard service rather than using the police. In busy metropolitan areas like Toronto, this may be a good choice. Most private security guard companies offer four free alarm dispatches per year where as the Toronto Police charge $80.00 per false alarm dispatch. In the case of security guards, all security officers are properly trained and fully equipped to handle any situation. Trust SafeTech Security Guards to provide this service.

Once the police or guards arrive, they will conduct a perimeter check of your premises, looking for any visible signs of forced entry. If a break-in has occurred, the police or guards will notify the station, who will report their findings to you.

SafeTech Security's private guard division can have an on-site security guard posted at your home, place of business or special event. Our paid duty officers have been used in a variety of ways to ensure the security of our clients and their property. Some examples include:

  • Securing family and guests at weddings.
  • Securing crowd control at concerts.
  • Keeping the peace on a picket line.
  • Watching over a construction project.
  • Securing entire buildings and parking lots and even chaperoning individuals to and from a special event.

There is no better substitute for the physical presence of a security guard.

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