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Mall Security is an area of security services that SafeTech is very familiar with. For twenty years we have been working with countless retail and commercial outlets to provide the best mall security in all of Canada. Whether you are concerned about shoplifting, soliciting or property damage our experienced team of dedicated and hard working security professionals will successfully meet your needs.

The Benefits Of Hiring Mall Security

mall security

One of the largest threats in any commercial environment is theft and inventory loss. Hiring a SafeTech security guard to maintain a visible presence within your commercial business is a proven way to reduce shoplifting. Our mall security teams are trained in how to operate in high traffic environment. Our guards have a proven track record of observing and detaining shoplifters in the act of committing a crime and can hold them until Police arrive should you be interested in pressing charges. Our mall security teams can dress either in visible security guard uniforms or plain clothes depending on the security strategy you wish to implement. Our uniformed security guards provide mall security by deterring theft while plain clothes officers aim to catch suspects in the act of committing the theft. Our mall security teams can be assigned to one particular retail outlet or can be asked to patrol between a few stores or areas within the mall. No matter what your security desires are we can adapt to them quickly in a professional manner.

Our Trained Mall Security Service

In addition to being present in retail stores our security guards are also trained to patrol the grounds while serving as mall security. One of the major areas they patrol is the parking lot. While patrolling the parking lot they can observe any parking infractions, skateboarding or other dangerous and illegal activity taking place on mall porperty. Maintaining a visible presence in the parking lot especially at night can discourage any potential crime including assaults and theft which are common in these types of environments. Having our mall security guards patrolling your grounds can also prevent property damage both indoors and outdoors. In addition our guards can ensure that no soliciting takes place in high traffic areas such as food courts or hidden areas like loading bays or alleys. There is no limit to the level of protection our guards can offer while conducting mall security.


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