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Guard dogs are widely used around the world as an excellent deterrent to would be criminals. The presence of a guard dog helps protect residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial sites and warehouses. Our guard dogs are trained to protect against unwanted people or animals through a variety of means. The main tool our guard dogs use when made responsible for protecting a home or business is their bark. Our guard dogs can be trained to bark loudly when they see or smell and intruder. This loud bark serves as an alarm system which alerts not only residents of the home or owners of the business to the presence of an intruder but anyone who happens to be in the area. The sound of a guard dog barking in most instances is enough to scare off any possible criminals.

A second tool that our guard dogs have is the ability to attack and restrain any intruder. All of our guard dogs are specifically trained to protect an area. When faced with an intruder our guard dogs are trained to  bite and detain the criminal, not letting go until they are ordered to do so. Due to the threat of possible harm that our guard dogs can inflict or the awareness they can bring about by barking most criminals choose to avoid a home or business equip with our guard dogs.

Guard Dogs Services

At SafeTech we offer two forms of guard dog services in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada. One option is to hire a person-dog team similar to what you might see with police dogs. These guard dog teams provide excellent security in high risk situations such as strikes, VIP speeches etc. The second option is the more traditional form of watch dog who works alone to secure an environment. Most of our guard dogs are placed in homes, commercial businesses or industrial lumberyards or warehouses. One of the main advantages of selecting one of our guard dogs for your security needs is the 24 hour availability that a guard dog provides. All of our guard dogs are all professionally trained and maintained and act as a serious deterrent to thieves or vandals. If you are interested in learning more about guard dog security contact us today.

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