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Emergency Response and Security Guards

emergency response

Emergencies can happen at anytime and in the unlikely event that one does occur it is imperative that your business or home be prepared. Hiring one of our security guards to watch over your home or business greatly helps you prepare for the unexpected. Having one of our trained and certified security guards on your premises will take on the responsibilities of contacting emergency response teams when an emergency occurs. No matter what the circumstances of the emergency our guards are prepared to maintain contact with the authorities until they arrive and help out in any way that they are able to.

Security guards working in commercial businesses or residential condominiums provide excellent assistance when it comes to contacting emergency response teams. The most prevalent example of the relationship between security guards and emergency response teams is when a crime has occurred. If there is evidence that criminal activity has occurred on your premises or one of our security guard witnesses a criminal offence taking place they are trained to contact emergency response right away to get police to the scene. If our security guards catch someone in the act of a crime on your premises they are trained to detain the criminal until emergency response has arrived. Once emergency response teams are on the scene a security guard will guide them through your property and provide them with all of the information needed with regard to the criminal offense that has taken place.

Emergency Response and Medical Emergency

Our security guards are also capable of working with emergency response teams in the event of a medical emergency. Our security guards will not only call emergency response to get an ambulance routed to your home or business they will meet the emergency response teams outside and direct them to the scene of the emergency. Whether it be escorting the emergency response teams through secured doorways or elevators in a condominium or taking them through the service entrances of your business, our security guards can help ensure emergency response teams reach the site of an emergency in the fastest and most efficient way possible, which, in the case of an emergency can mean life or death.

Emergency Response and Fire Emergency

In the event of a fire one of our security guards can also play a valuable role in dealing with emergency response. First of all when a fire alarm goes off a security guard can play a vital role in helping the residents, staff or customers of a building exit safely. In addition they can also help the fire fighters by providing them access to areas of the building that may be important for their investigation of a fire. In the case of a fire alarm malfunction  our security guards can escort the response teams to a building monitoring station so they can ensure it was a mechanical error.

Emergency situations are rare and hopefully you will never have to deal with one in your business or home. However, if you do, a security guard can give you added support in contacting and dealing with emergency response teams thus helping you through a stressful and difficult situation.


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