Concierge Security & Buildings Protection

Concierge Security & Apartment Protection

One of the most common places you will find SafeTech security guards working to create a safe and secure environment is at the entrances of apartment buildings, high-rises and condominiums. Large buildings consisting of multiple units and multiple residents present a unique set of security challenges. SafeTech’s expertly trained concierge security guards provide the very best in apartment security because they provide access control to buildings while at the same time maintaining a welcoming and pleasant disposition.

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Apartments, high-rises and condominiums present serious security obstacles to any security firm hired to maintain a sufficient level of apartment security. The main security issue in any apartment complex is the fact that with so many residents it is difficult to assess who actually lives in the building and who is a potential intruder. Hiring a concierge security guard to maintain access control of the high-rise complex is an excellent first step to take in providing apartment security. Placing one of our concierge security guards at the entrance to an apartment building ensures that only residents and guests of residents gain access to the building. More importantly the presence of a concierge security guard acts as a deterrent to any would be criminal attempting to jeopardize your apartment security.

Concierge Security Are Well-trained

In addition to providing access control at the entrance to your high-rise or condominium, our concierge sercuirty guards are also asked to conduct regular patrols while performing apartment security duty. By patrolling the hallways and grounds of the complex our security guards make sure that all areas of the building are safe and secure. While working in apartment our security guards are sure to vary the times and route of their patrols in order to keep their patterns unpredictable. Our concierge security guards are also trained to monitor security camera feeds in real time in order to maintain apartment security while they are remaining static in a single location.

Concierge Security Meet The Security Challenges

Apartments, high-rises and condominiums offer a unique set of security challenges. Our experienced team of security personnel-concierge security guards can confidently rise to these challenges and provide you with the safety and security you deserve while in your own home.

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