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Your business likely contains a number of incredibly valuable assets. Your property itself, the merchandise and other items inside your business, the business-critical information you store on-site and even your staff are all critical business assets that require protection. This is where guard security services and techniques are so important.

When you work with our experienced guard security services, you provide your business with the superior protection that it needs. There are a number of ways that guard security services can be utilized in a business or commercial venture in order to eliminate crime and other potential business losses.

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Guard Security for Businesses

Whether you run a retail store, a warehouse, an office or any other type of business, you need to protect your assets. A trained guard security service can ensure that all of your valuables are protected. There are a number of ways that you can utilize guard security services to keep your business safe.

Static guards can be positioned at the front of your location in order to monitor those who enter and exit the property. They can also be responsible for welcoming guests, signing for packages and restricting access when required.

You can even hire a static guard security officer to watch over your company's security cameras. You can also hire a member of our security team to patrol the inside of your business on a regular basis. These patrols can be conducted by a static guard security officer or by a separate guard who is hired for this explicit purpose. Flexibility and adapting to the unique needs of all clients is an important aspect of business security and one that we take very seriously.

Mobile Guard Security

Mobile guard security teams are also an excellent option for many businesses. These units travel in clearly marked vehicles in order to let potential criminals know that you property is protected. They perform routine checks on the exterior of your business and they also monitor the area for suspicious situations. If a mobile guard security officer notices a potential weakness in your business security system such as an unlocked door or a damaged window, he or she immediately contacts both your company’s emergency contact and the guard security central station to ensure that this security flaw is fixed as soon as possible.

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